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ENTRY FEE: $100 Per Band.

Taters Summerfest is a TWO DAY event. Each band will be asked to play one 45 minute set. If selected to perform you will be notified of your day and time no later than June 1st.

ALL bands MUST be available from 9-10pm on Saturday, June 22 when the two top bands will perform a Band Off (both bands battle on stage for 15-20 minutes) before a winner is chosen for the Grand Prize.

Full Rules: Battle of The Bands Rules

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Do you have instruments? (Drum kit is provided)
Will you have a sound technician (On site sound tech provided)
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Performance days and times will be assigned no later than June 1, 2024. ALL bands MUST be available June 22 between 8-10pm for the final battle and Winner Selection.

Each band will be given ONE 45 minute set to perform for the crowd. If a band is selected as a Top Two finalist, they will required to perform on Saturday June 22 for another 15-20 minutes with the other top two band for a Band Off.

Equipment Provided Each Night: 5 piece drum kit, 3 cymbal stands, hi-hat stand, snare drum (snare stand provided) and single bass drum pedal, all mics and mic cables. The use of the provided drum kit is mandatory. If you would like to add to the kit you may do so. Please notify the stage manager at check-in about your intentions.

All bands must use event sound and light engineers. No exceptions. Each night there will be a stage manager to assist with set-up and tear-down for each band. The stage manager has the final word on all challenges.

Each band is allowed 2 free passes for their performance day. No family members, friends, etc. under the age of 21 are permitted to enter. Valid, Government issued ID is required to enter the venue. Expired and paper ID’s are not accepted. No exceptions.

Each day fans will be asked to vote on their favorite band. The winner of each day will be invited back between 9-10pm on Saturday June 22 to perform on stage TOGETHER for a “Band Off”.

The “Band Off” will have the two top bands going back and forth playing their songs or portion of their songs for a totally of appx 20 minutes combined. Following the Band Off the crowd will be asked to vote for their winning band.